Data Science & Analytics

We at Global Matrix Solution think that Data Science should be a business-led effort.

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“Data Science & Analytics” go with one another just like bread and butter.

Analytics is a concept used to handle a large amount of data and includes data cleansing, preparation, and analysis.

Data Scientist

A data scientist collects data from many sources and applies predictive analytics, machine learning, and sentiment analysis to find essential information from the collected data sets.
They understand data from a business point of view and are able to provide accurate assumptions that can be used to power critical business decisions.

Data Anayst

A data analyst is a leader who can do basic descriptive statistics, imagine data visually and communicate data points for conclusions.
These people should have a good understanding of statistics & databases.
They focus on processing and performing statistical analysis on existing data sets.
The analysts concentrate on creating methods to capture, process, and organize data to uncover actionable imagination for current problems.
Thus, establishing the best way to present this data.


The data scientists main goal is to ask questions and locate potential avenues of study, with less concern for specific answers and more emphasis placed on finding the right question to ask.
Experts find better ways to analyze information.
Whereas data analyst refers to the ability to create new views, and the ability to visualize the data.
Moreover, the field Data Science & Analytics directed towards solving problems for questions we know we don’t know the answers to.

Why this matter?

Data Science & Analytics can actually have a big impact on a company.
To initiate, Data Science & Analytics perform different duties and often have differing backgrounds, so being able to use the terms correctly helps companies hire the right people for the tasks they have in mind.
Data analytics and data science can be used to gather different things, and while both are useful to any firm.
Data analytics are available in industries like healthcare, gaming, and travel, while data science demands are in internet searches and digital advertising.