IT & Networking

“IT & NETWORKING” is an essential part of building wealth.

The installing, organizing and maintaining the computer system as well as designing and operating networks and databases constitutes an IT firm.
Whereas Networking is completely focussed on a process of connecting, securing and maintaining the network.

IT & NETWORKING are essential for any successful firm.
They work together to increase the productivity by providing the security to your data which is transmitted in form of bit streams.
However, In any IT firm, Security and management for Web services were the obvious pain points.


Sharing of various resources take place in a data network or a computer network which is a digital telecommunication network.
Devices exchange the data among themselves taking data links as an intermediate.
Over the various variety of cables like optical fiber, wireless media such as WIFI and much more, the data links can be implemented.

Computer networks support multiple numbers of applications and services which are present in day to day cooperative world
Some of the examples are access to www, digital audio, video, printers, fax machines, use of your webmails.
The information is transferred in form of packets or data stream.


The computer networks that organizations rely on the access, share, and store information is implemented by IT & NETWORKING firm.
Therefore, these engineers implement and maintain the LAN(LOCAL AREA NETWORK), WAN((WIDE AREA NETWORK) and VPN(VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK).

The complexity of any work varies from organization to organization.


An important relationship on networks is that of the server and client.
A server is a computer that holds content and services such as website, a media file or a chatbot.
whereas a client is a different computer it can be your laptop or mobile phone that request to view,
download or use the content.
As a result, a client can connect over a network to exchange the information.