Sales & Marketing

Sales include “operations and activities involved in promoting and selling goods or services.”

Marketing includes “the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service.”

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing is a vital scale to increase the productivity of any business or company.


“The activities related to services provided or the number of goods sold in a given time period”.


“A process of increasing the demand and increasing the selling of good or services through advertising and market research.”

These statements highlight two important factors of the Sales & Marketing relationship

The functions of the Sales & Marketing group are closely linked.
Marketing plays an essential role in supporting sales.
The marketing department tends to bear various responsibilities for raising awareness about a product
As a result, generating high-quality leads for a sales team.

A well-qualified marketer aims to fulfill certain criteria which are set forward by a marketing department.

A sales leader adds to the initial conditions which are set by marketing to find the highest value probability.

Sometimes it happens that a sales department may complain that marketing department leaders do not fulfill the set standards.
However, the potential for conflict also shows an opportunity for collaboration.

In the meantime, the sales and marketing teams can exchange their ideas and imagination so as to enhance our company productivity.

Sales & Marketing Responsibilities

While sometimes grouped separately, sales and marketing roles overlap.

Therefore, the businesses that recognize the important areas of overlap may get more value out of their teams by combining efforts.

As a result, both sales and marketing have the same end goal i.e. to enhance sales.

Digital Marketing

“No Website can stand without a strong Backbone and that backbone is the SEO”.
Therefore, Digital Marketing is the marketing of products or goods through interaction, digital technologies, mobile phones, advertisement social media.
Therefore, SEO is the part and parcel of Digital Marketing. It plays a vital role in the newly emerging market era of the digital world.
SEO is a way of affecting the visibility of the website or web pages.