Do you want to work on the development of your product with a team that meets deadlines, offers an open design process, and generates excellent work? Make use of Intellectsoft’s UI and UX offerings. With our design team—a small design studio within a large software company—you can easily and quickly develop an engaging product.


With eight years of experience, we have developed significant expertise in information architecture, ergonomics, and interface design to create user-friendly websites for our clients. The main goal is to provide a graphic document that guarantees the overall consistency of the website, its usability, and the quality of the material and its offerings. Additionally, it enables scientific design constraints, information structure, various forms of navigation (vertical and horizontal), clarity, and coherence.

Our UI UX Design Services

Our projects’ best-in-class fusion of technology and art will enthrall you with the grace and style of their sights, audio, contents, and interactions. In our UI/UX design services, the creative vision’s insights combined with the technological touch result in a wholly pleasant user experience.

Custom Web Design & Development

For your services and goods, as well as to meet your needs and achieve organizational goals, we offer specialized and contemporary website solutions. Considering your needs, our imaginative designers provide a plethora of clever UI and UX ideas.

Corporate Branding & Graphics Design

Our talented designers provide the best corporate graphic designs possible, which includes building the brand’s visual identity. They are aware of the importance of corporate branding. The design elements make the organizational ideas clear by showcasing a visual representation of the brand.


Our design team provides an overview of goods while taking user needs into consideration when deciding the flow and structure of design elements. Teams can use these wireframes to make efficient prototypes and navigate the website’s structure without becoming sidetracked by other aspects.

Mobile App Design

We guarantee that mobile applications will have a flawless user interface and a positive user experience. Our designers provide top-notch suggestions for developing mobile app designs that load more quickly, have a beautiful appearance, are easy to use, and increase client happiness.

Wearables App Design

Our team specializes in designing and producing enhanced wearable app designs for your wearables, gadgets, and devices. We use creative thinking to provide a range of user interfaces and experiences for your smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart jewelry, head-mounted displays, etc.

Product Design

We are aware of user expectations, and as a result, we invent, design, and develop products that can meet the demands of many industries. A product design incorporates all UI/UX components that provide a distinctive, authentic, and creative experience to strengthen customer loyalty to the brand.

SPEC India offers expert UI and UX design services. 

With a comprehensive focus on user-friendliness and value addition, SPEC India’s seasoned team of design experts has over ten years of experience in responsive web design, product design, brand identity, and maintenance. With reasonably priced, interactive, and aesthetically pleasing contemporary designs, we assist clients in thriving, from startups to well-established businesses and from straightforward logos to full brand upkeep.









Our Related Services

Web Development Services

SPEC India is your go-to IT partner for all your digital transformation needs, with more than 30 years of experience in full-cycle web development.

Custom Software Development

We specialize in offering specialized software solutions that are created to satisfy your particular requirements. Our unique software solutions improve business operations, address difficult corporate problems, and provide the greatest user experience. Numerous services, including CRM, ERP, enterprise software development, product development, SaaS development, cloud-developed development, and software consulting, are part of our result-driven custom software development offerings.

Enterprise Software Development

Our enterprise software development services have accelerated digital efforts, maximized revenue, and improved agility for major global brands.

Mobile App Development

Digital convergence is made possible by mobile apps, and businesses now place a greater emphasis than ever on providing individualized experiences. We create mobile applications that are native, cross-platform, and hybrid for many different types of organizations and industries. Our mobile app development services meet all of your mobile app development needs, whether you are a small business, a growing company, or a huge organization.

Dedicated Development Team

Employ a specialized development team from SPEC India to act as your own IT team and produce high-quality, secure, scalable, and dependable software solutions.

Software Testing Services

SPEC India’s QA experts are experienced and use a multitude of software testing methodologies and technologies to ensure well-functioning software. Explore More Explore More

Why Select Global Matrix Solution As Your Provider Of UI AND UX DESIGN SERVICES?

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