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Global Matrix Solution is the most reputable and frequently contacted dating app development firm. It provides award-winning Android and iOS dating mobile apps solutions to the love-crammed world where people are looking to retain their arms in their best matches. Use our technological expertise to strengthen your custom-designed partnerships with mobile app that make it easy for people to connect online.

Glitters, a dating platform

In contrast to other social networking or dating apps now available, Glitter is an online dating service that provides a number of exceptional features.

MeowChowNow is a female dating platform.

Women who are interested in other women should use the female dating app, MeowChowNow.

LESGO: Dating Platform

For people who want to meet LGBTIQ friends, hookups, and dates more quickly and successfully, there is the LESGO dating app.

Mosh, a dating platform

An online dating and social networking app called Mosh can help you locate new friends and a life partner in your neighborhood.

Calling Option

On your dating app, users have access to fun voice and video calling features. Provide your users with more exciting content.

Spam Protection

Provide spam prevention to give your users a secure and safe dating experience. Any hazardous profiles and communications will be filtered out by this function.

Fantastic Features You Should Include In Your Tinder-Like App

Our professionals create stunning Tinder-like apps for you.

Date Planner

Users may use a data planner to set up both online and offline dates, and it is also in charge of reserving locations, scheduling reminders, and planning a romantic vacation, among other things.

Profile Tools And Filtering

Users have access to features like changing the profile theme, privacy settings for private or public information, etc.


Advanced Privacy Features

By confirming profiles through real-time verification, one can even secure user safety using HTTPS protocols to validate certificate authenticity.

Geolocation Tagging

Users can choose their areas or provide in-app suggestions based on their locations with this functionality.


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Statistics On Global Online Dating

Recent analyses by IndustryARC predict that the online dating market will grow at a CAGR of over 4% and reach $10.380 billion by 2026. Additionally, the adult population’s interest in dating and forming social relationships, as well as the sharp rise in internet usage, are the main forces behind this expansion.

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We are a premier provider of dating app development services, providing our customers with cutting-edge dating app options.

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Get a user-based app with the best features and accessibility created by a reputable dating app development company.

We offer effective services for dating app development.

Our team of productive and talented developers is an industry leader in producing a wide range of online dating apps for their users.

The Best Ecommerce Application Development Solution For Your Unique Needs

Expand your business by starting with a custom-made freelance marketplace from an inventive dating app development company.

Effective Communication

We also strive for excellent client communication, which is just as vital as quality.

Custom Design

The truly exceptional and enthralling custom-made dating apps are the work of our talented team of experts.


Our talented and knowledgeable team of developers creates outstanding dating apps for their users.


Our management staff regularly checks your privacy settings and makes sure your data is secure.

Delivery On Time

Users can monitor the delivery of their projects using tools like live assistance.

Raise Brand Awareness

By creating a dating app that is more like a brand to you, we make your ideas a reality.

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Our vision is to grow your business by transforming your ideas into reality. 

Advice for Project

Ready to expand your digital platform app! You can get guidance from our team of specialists about where to go.

100% Up Time

We guarantee that there will be no misunderstandings as your company expands.

Innovative team

Our goal is to be sufficiently inventive by gathering client opinions and putting them into practice.

Secured data

The data stored on the app is adequately protected since we regularly make backups of it.

Customer Support

For all hours of the day, users have access to phone and chat support services like WhatsApp and Skype.

Endless Innovation

Since innovation never stops, the application will continue to receive new upgrades.

We offer efficient dating app development services. 

For their clients, our teams of incredibly productive and talented developers create a variety of online dating apps.

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We offer effective services for dating app development.

Our team of productive and talented developers is an industry leader in producing a wide range of online dating apps for their users.

Best Dating App Development Company

Like our goal, we don’t limit our app development solutions to the straightforward building process, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the top dating app development companies. When compared to other app improvement business companies, our dating app builders give superior improvement offers in almost all structures. The software used to create Android dating apps is time-tested and kept as current as feasible for today’s age. These solutions help our developers complete projects on schedule and to a high standard. We aren’t the only ones who are regarded as the best software development companies worldwide. Our highly qualified developers are aware of the formula for designing and expanding every Android and iOS app so that it receives millions of downloads when it is released on the Google Play Store or App Store.

Frequently Asked Question

Since the popularity of the dating app Tinder, dating applications have become a trendy niche. Make sure to take into account these qualities when developing your on-demand dating app if you want to succeed with it in 2022.

Gamified User Profiles.
In-app Chat and Messaging.
Voice and Video Calling .
Smart Push Notifications.
In-app Games.

The platforms you choose to employ (Android, iOS, web, or desktop), the level of UI/UX design sophistication, the quantity of components and functionality, and your IT infrastructure all affect the price of developing a dating app. Our dating app specialists will accurately assess the needs for developing dating apps and offer clients a cost.

The time needed to build a dating app will vary based on your needs and goals. For instance, developing a prototype of a dating app with a predetermined set of features will take 2-4 months. It can take up to a year or longer to develop a version with complicated features like a safety button, document verification, GPS tracking, many localization possibilities, etc.

Advertising is how dating apps generate revenue in their free versions. Other ways to make money with dating apps include the premium, in-app, and subscription business models. Additionally, dating apps make money by allowing users to buy some in-app premium features.

Knowing that we are always available to help you with your concerns will make you really happy. Global Matrix Solution, unlike other businesses, is of the opinion that work never truly ends after the creation of an App. It implies that even after the process is finished, you can still get maintenance and customer assistance.

Lack of commitment from other users

  • Dating mobile app development needs the following steps to be completed:
    • Understand the targeted group.
    • Explore the market and analyze the competition.
    • Define the set of required features.
    • Prototyping and wireframing.
    • UX/UI design.
    • Choose the best-suited platform and tech stack for your own custom dating app.
    • Develop and launch an MVP.

There are various technology stacks for dating apps. For instance, iOS uses the SwiftUI, WebKit, and Flutter frameworks, while Android uses Xamarin and Flutter. Both platforms also use PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and MySQL databases, as well as Google Cloud, Amazon S3, Heroku, and Azure for cloud storage, and Apache and Nginx for web servers.

  • The appropriate way to promote Dating apps:
    • Centre of attention should be Singles in your audience.
    • Help in finding Somebody Rich and Beautiful for your users.
    • Make things Easier For Singles.
    • Talk about the app!
    • Approach and utilize media.
    • Think about paid app promotion.
    • Provide gamified experience.
    • App store optimization (ASO)
Each dating app service has a comparable, straightforward algorithm. To put it simply, dating apps are looking for tools. The apps adapt how people utilize private data by using algorithms. The data they get may range from geography to age to app hobby to specific options you make while creating a profile.

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