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The software and APIs from Stripe are used by millions of businesses of all kinds, from small startups to major corporations, to collect payments, send payouts, and manage their online operations.

A fully integrated suite of payment products


India has had the good fortune to see the UPI payments revolution over the past six years as it changed every aspect of daily life. The first significant step towards allowing the rest of the globe to experience UPI is UPI International.
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Use Stripe with your stack

From React and PHP to.NET and iOS, we provide client and server libraries.

Try no-code options

Create and implement customized payment interfaces right from the Stripe dashboard.

Explore prebuilt integrations

Sync Stripe data to your warehouse or integrate with programs like Adobe, Salesforce, and NetSuite.

Build an app on Stripe

Within Stripe, you may design a unique backend interface or integration that is only for your team or that you can publish on the Stripe App Marketplace.

Ship more quickly with powerful and easy-to-use APIs.

Utilizing the unified payments feature will reduce engineering time. To enable your teams to construct what you require on a single platform, we obsess about the tangle of gateways, payment rails, and financial institutions that compose the global economic landscape.

Why Stripe

A technology-first approach to
payments and finance

Outstanding custom design

Our gifted designers create superb custom designs that are curated in accordance with your needs and preferences and accurately reflect the qualities you highlighted.

Smooth Animation

Our 2D animation creation process includes a number of quality-critical steps that help us make sure the final animation you receive is fluid and ensures good performance.

Battle-tested reliability

Our systems are extremely scalable and redundant, and they function with 99.99%+ uptime. The highest compliance standards are met by Stripe.

Intelligent optimizations

We use billions of data points to train our machine learning models, which aid in boosting income through conversion, fraud, revenue recovery, and other methods.

The backbone for global commerce


Moving money is as simple and programmable with Stripe as moving data. Our teams work out of offices all around the world, processing hundreds of billions of dollars for ambitious companies of all sizes annually.

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