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Global Matrix Solution is one of the leading providers of enterprise IT solutions, digital content creation, and next-generation GIS services. Virtual reality, augmented reality, geographic information systems, and artificial intelligence, in our opinion, have the potential to transform the next IT revolution. 

Together, our team and associates search for fresh ways to apply technology for societal good and customer demands. A thorough understanding of visuals and design aesthetics is helpful in developing applications with strong UI/UX that are simple to use. 
To the point of complete fulfillment, our geospatial technical professionals develop and fine-tune client needs. Limited experience with tasks like parcel mapping, 3D navigational mapping, and image interpretation is available from our pros. We believe that geography and GIS hold the key to a more stable and sustainable future. We specialize in giving you excellent service that exceeds your expectations.


GIS analysis, digitization, and cloud processing

We provide the most advanced and seasoned GIS production facilities and are equipped and qualified to give our clients the widest array of services. With the use of cutting-edge technology and high levels of automation, we seek to provide the most organized, methodical service possible. We provide our clients with extremely accurate and affordable GIS services. 
Global Matrix Solution can handle high-precision LiDAR datasets, and the output is delivered in formats for geographic information systems (GIS) and CAD (GIS). In order to highlight any slight topographic changes discovered in a ground LiDAR image, we use the LiDAR Image Highlighting Algorithm (LIHA). We have also worked with most of the commercially available satellite data packages and have a plethora of experience interpreting and processing pictures from both airborne and satellite sources.

360 Virtual Tour (VR/MR/XR)

Our VR-enabled 360 virtual tours are a state-of-the-art way to see the site virtually without actually being there; they resemble electronic visual brochures and are accessible 24/7. Golden Globe offers a configurable interface with 2D–3D geo-referenced maps, floor plans, animation, hotspots, pop-ups, and videos. An interactive tour of your business is created using a blend of aerial, live, and ground panoramas. 
Additionally, in accordance with client needs, Global Matrix Solution offers specialized UX/UI tours and specialized platform tours using Matterport and Google Street View. The highest output is made possible by the utilization of 6 DOF, a live video conferencing tool, and a search engine. A 360-degree video that can be shared on Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo is the most efficient immersive video format for showcasing facilities and services to customers.

Augmented Reality

Global Matrix Solution has collaborated with the best brands and agencies in the world to develop hundreds of augmented reality campaigns. The team of designers, 3D artists, developers, producers, engineers, QA, and testers has more specialized AR experience than any other team around the globe. Users may fully take advantage of our augmented reality advertisements and create win-win scenarios because they are compatible with both Android and iOS. 
The influence of AR technology on businesses can be significant even in non-asset-intensive industries like high tech, manufacturing, oil and gas, transportation, and automotive. Insurance assessors, for instance, can record property damage with remote help from a senior insurance assessor. X-ray images and video overlays can be used during operations to assist with cutting-edge surgical procedures. IT-related problems can be quickly resolved by banks.

3D Visualization, Virtual Staging and Walkthrough

We are a leading provider of 3D walkthroughs and photorealistic image rendering in India. Architectural visualization firm 3D VisualFx is renowned for its high-quality 3D photorealistic rendering, 3D walkthrough animation services, 3D virtual tour walkthrough and augmented reality, 3D exterior rendering, 3D interior rendering and design, and more. 
Our IT team also provides virtual staging. Technology is used to virtually stage a home as part of virtual staging, a successful real estate marketing tactic. It can be used by clients to demonstrate before-and-after scenarios. Because of the current epidemic and the resulting social isolation, buyers are reluctant to see the home in person, making virtual staging a fantastic option when there is a social distance. It offers the same benefits at a much lower cost.

360 Product Rotator

360° product photography is the most effective approach to conveying visual details about a product and boosting consumer trust in your brand. This method offers 360-degree rotation of the product and 3D CGI. Retailers and businesses using 360-degree product images report higher customer satisfaction and fewer product returns. Annotation, hotspots, and popup information enhance the richness and marketability of product information.

Specialized Architecture Photography

Global Matix Solution provides a range of specialized interior and exterior architecture photography services internationally. Using cutting-edge DSLR cameras and drones, we provide the best architecture photography at a competitive price. Our highly skilled team takes crisp pictures with the most recent camera, drone, and gimbal technology in order to promote and boost the value of your listings. Our dedicated staff uses high-end PCs with NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 graphics cards to deliver the finest service possible.

Technologies Our Website Designers Use

Given below are the technologies we use for web design services.

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